YES! That makes it very easy! Thanks!

I have been looking all day for the best recipe possible without Berry 36. I used your recipe and changed it around. Here is what I found:

20, 21, 23, 38 (*1)
16, 24, 26, 39 (*1)
6, 20, 26, 39 (*2)
16, 22, 24 37 (*2)
17, 23, 25, 38 (*2)
32, 35, 38, 40 (Feed last *1)

If you are feeding it to a Modest Pokemon, it will not completely fill it in Cool. However, it will hopefully do that in the other categories! I will check tomorrow, when my friends come to blend.

First I will test it on ANOTHER Modest Pokemon. If it works well, I will feed it to Latios. I think that it can be changed around even more and possibly made perfect. :O

Domo arigato!

パイル+ザロク+タポル+カムラ rpm100 灰ポロックLv62 辛36甘62酸36 滑31 効率4.32
ズリ+ロメ+マトマ+ヤタピ rpm100 灰ポロックLv62 辛62渋36苦62 滑33 効率4.84
ヒメリ+パイル+マトマ+ヤタピ rpm100 金ポロックLv88 辛88苦36 滑33 効率3.75
ズリ+ネコブ+ロメ+リュガ rpm100 金ポロックLv87 渋87苦61 滑31 効率4.77
ブリー+タポル+ウブ+カムラ rpm100 金ポロックLv87 甘87酸61 滑31 効率4.77
シーヤ+ベリブ+カムラ+ズア rpm100 灰ポロックLv140 渋36甘62酸140 滑71 効率3.35
格274 美246 愛298 賢256 逞298 滑325